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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Shimmerwind on Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:48 pm

Welcome to Pawsteps!

I understand you're probably pretty excited to make your first character, and hey, I don't blame you. Roleplaying is so much fun, especially in a friendly, close-knit community, which is what we aim to become. However, as in any respectable organization, there are some rules and guidelines you should learn. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Rules? A big, long list of things we can't do? Geez, these people must be INSANE - no one reads the Terms and Conditions. This is supposed to be fun!" I do get your sentiments. I feel the same. Sadly, though, too much lenience and chaos is inevitable. This is why we created the rules - they aren't here to hurt your gameplay - they're here to improve it.

Member Rules:

1. Harassment: There should be no harassment, bullying, or anything of the sort while interacting on Pawsteps. Though we understand that members are only human and may become aggrivated at times, there is no excuse to start a fight with anyone. If you have a greivance, please privately message it to a Staff member or discuss it with the offender outside the public chats. However, bullying is not allowed even through PMs, and members are permitted to supply screenshots to Staff if they feel they are being harassed in any way.

2. Swearing: The use of vulgar language is not permitted on Pawsteps. While we understand that many members may be old enough to swear, there are equally as many children who take part in this genre of roleplay. Most swears have been filtered just in case of a slip up, but not ever swear can be covered. As such, members should avoid swearing in the first place. Swears can be legally substituted by Warrior vocabulary, such as "mouse dung" and "fox face".

3. Tasteful Conversation: Pawsteps is a family-friendly website. As such, conversation should be kept appropriate for all members. If you would like to discuss adult matters with someone, please do so off-site. Other subjects, such as political and religious views, should also be avoided, as debated can quickly grow heated and offensive.

3.5. Pornography: An extension of rule 3 covers pornographic language and imagery. Any post related to these topics will result in an immediate IP ban, no warning neccessary. This is one of the most important rules on Pawsteps and should not be taken lightly.

4. Slurs: These, just like swearing, are not allowed. Pawsteps is an open-minded and welcoming website. Members should not discriminate whatsoever based on gender identity, sexuality, race, or anything of the sort. In-character alternate sexualities are allowed. Tensions between Clans are also allowed, as these are a common reality through the books, but racism outside of Clan-type interaction is prohibited.

Rules are subject to update at any time. Upon modification, a notice will be posted in the appropriate section. Reasons for the updates may or may not be provided.

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