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Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Post by Shimmerwind on Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:46 pm

1. Godmodding and Metagaming: Godmodding is what happens when a member attempts to control a character that is not theirs. For example: "John says that his character, Buckpaw, went to the Apprentice's den. He also writes that Jane's character, Doepaw, followed him there. Jane did not say that John could control her character." Meanwhile, metagaming is when a character is said to have knowledge that they did not legally learn in-character. For example, "John's character, Buckpaw, is planning to leave the Clan. Jane's character, Doepaw, confronts him about this - however, Doepaw had no way of knowing that Buckpaw was making plans." While accidents happen, especially for beginners, both metagaming and godmodding should be avoided at all times. Any post containing these offenses will prompt an edit request, and if a member fails to edit the post, it will be voided completely.

2. Activity: While we understand that some are slower than others, we request that all members, especially those in Staff, try to post in a timely manner. However, just as we request reasonable activity, we also request lenience. Members retain the right to post at their own speed, within reason, and should not be rushed. Bumping threads is allowed, but only every 72 hours. If a member plans to have a stretch of inactivity, they should post in the "Coming and Going" section.

3. Mandatory Word Count: Here at Pawsteps, we welcome roleplayers of all experience levels. However, there is a still the subject of having enough to reply to. As such, each post much reach a mandatory word count of 100 words before it can be posted. This rule was created to urge beginning roleplayers to grow and to give more experienced members enough to write a quality response to.

4. Grammar: Just as with word counts, we understand that members are of quite varying levels of age and experience. As such, we're expecting some grammar mistakes - no sweat! However, we do ask that all posts are made at least legibile, as unreadable posts are pretty hard to respond to. We also ask that you do your best to correct any errors (in your own posts) that you come accross and put a little effort into your replies. This will improve both your and your thread partner's roleplay experience.

6. Harrassment/Bullying Plots: Plots centered around harassment/bullying ARE allowed. However, out-of-character consent from all parties involved must be obtained. Nonconsensual bullying, even in-character, is against the rules.


Rules are subject to update at any time. Upon modification, a notice will be posted in the appropriate section. Reasons for the updates may or may not be provided.

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